The Homeopathic Consultation
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What is involved?


The homeopathic consultation discusses in detail the reasons you have sought homeopathic treatment. This may be due to the presence of physical symptoms or other health concerns on more of the emotional or mental level, or it could just be to help improve and support your overall wellbeing. Unlike allopathic medicine, homeopathy looks at treating the whole person and not just the disease or individual symptoms.

You will be asked many questions regarding your health concerns and when these first started, as well as being asked about what aggravates or relieves your symptoms. You will also be asked about other aspects of your life including your temperament, food and diet, sleeping patterns, fears and phobias, medical history and any anxiety or stress in your life.

All of this information helps to gain a complete individualised picture of you, and often allows a root cause of your symptoms to be established.

I rarely give out prescriptions at the consultation, as I like to go away and research and have a think about the case. All advice and prescriptions are completely individualised and bespoke to you, as we are all different so this takes a little time, but I am hard working and thorough.

From this individualised information a homeopathic remedy that best matches the whole of your symptom picture can be prescribed. Your homeopathic remedy will be posted out to you within a couple of days of the consultation and I will write to you, specifying the details of your treatment and instructions for taking the homeopathic remedy.

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Consultations are Monday – Friday between 9am - 3pm.

I am available to contact via email or text out of these hours, and I will try to respond as soon as I can. For an acute consultation, please feel free to call and I will call you back asap.

I also work one evening a week and one or two Saturdays a month, so if these times don’t suit you, please feel free to contact me and I can see what I can do for you.